Consultancy & Legal Advisory Department

Legal and Institutional Reform is a significant component of any government agenda particularly where there is need to modernise and harmonise legislation to promote the development of a sector. On the other hand, private sector will often seek to understand or participate in the legislative process and require legal advice in order to do so. Mohammed Muigai meets these needs and is now the leading provider of legal advisory and consultancy services advising government, donors and private organisations across a variety of sectors. Our long experience in providing these services as well as the diversity of the clients we serve means that Mohammed Muigai has acquired an unrivalled understanding of the legal and regulatory environment.

With every assignment, Mohammed Muigai adopts a collaborative approach so that the client is engaged throughout. This ensures that we clearly understand the policy behind proposed reforms and/or interventions (and consequent translation into legislation), appreciate any interests at play, identify relevant stakeholders and allocate appropriate resources to the project. Research, stakeholder consultations and benchmarking are key components of our approach. We find that our approach assists us to attain project objectives effectively and efficiently. The team also benefits from the input of its extremely well-regarded Litigation department who provide up-to-date perspectives from the judicial process where relevant.

As part of the advisory services that the firm has been able to offer, it has also been able to establish a reputation of providing substantive and exhaustive Legal Audits which yield pragmatic proposals and solutions to an array of clients operating in different sectors. The firm has had experience in conducting Audits for a wide range of entities including; State Corporations, Regulatory Authorities, Financial Institutions and Telecommunication Companies.

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Tax Law

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