Real Estate Planning and Environmental Law

The Real Estate planning and environmental law team at Mohammed Muigai understands that clients want creative solutions that protect and advance their goals without sacrificing unnecessary time and resources. We have established commercial real estate planning practice, representing client in contemporary development transactions, regionally and locally. Our development practice covers a broad range of property types including office retail, industrial, multifamily, hotel, resort/hospitality and mixed-use development needs.

Our clients include developers, merchant builders, retailers, logistics companies, lodging companies and others. We also represent institutional equity sources seeking investment and joint venture development opportunities with operating development partners. We walk you through the phrases of the real estate development process, including purchase options, land acquisitions, construction, protective covenants, easement agreements, leasing, government economic incentives and joint ventures. Over the course of a project, we often work closely with other lawyers at Mohammed Muigai who focus on land use regulation, construction, environmental, local tax and public/private incentives.